Letter from Barb and John

We highly recommend Julie, finding her to be trustworthy, sincere, attentive and hard working. Throughout the entire process of looking for a new home, she never pressured us or got frustrated with the process (and needless to say, real estate is a high-pressure environment). At every turn, our needs were met, our questions answered, and any problems were solved right away. If you want someone who will pay attention to your needs and what you’re looking for, work hard to find it, and deliver top-notch service and representation, please contact Julie!
Barb + John

Letter from Danielle & Brent

I have been a client of Julie’s for over 2 years, and I cannot say enough great things about her. She is smart, patient, and very easy to work with. Her professionalism and real estate expertise never cease to impress. I am currently living in my “dream home” thanks to Julie. Even though the house was priced out of our range, she convinced us to make our best offer. After it was rejected, Julie kept checking in with the seller’s agent over the course of 5 weeks, and her persistence payed off. A new price was agreed upon, and we moved in 33 days later. She is a great realtor and friend. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Danielle + Brent

Letter from Meredith

To Whom It May Concern:
I met Julie Mollo at an open house in Los Feliz over two years ago. I instantly trusted her, because she wasn’t trying to sell me. She was actually listening to me.
I could be a little fickle during my search, but Julie was always so patient and helped me narrow down what was important to me in finding my dream home. One day Julie called me from an agents’ open and said, “I think I found your house.” I’m a natural born skeptic, so I was a bit dubious at first. Until I saw the house. And one year and two months later, here I sit in the living room of that house writing this letter…
As a single female purchasing a home by myself, I had a lot of anxiety and there was so much about the process I didn’t know or understand. Julie held my hand through it all. We conducted the search at my own pace. She put me in touch with a fantastic lender and also had excellent referrals for all of my inspections. I still employ many of the contractors she recommended. During escrow, when my crazy work schedule did not allow for me to be at the house a few afternoons to ensure a worker could gain entry, Julie went the extra mile and offered to go in my place.
Her contacts throughout the Los Angeles real estate community also came in handy. You get the impression that people want to work with Julie. She always handles herself professionally. And when it comes to negotiations, Julie is your bulldog. She is committed to doing her very best to get you what you want. She is very protective of her clients.
I look forward to hiring Julie when I am looking to upsize in 10 or 15 years. Until then, I am proud to refer her to you.
Best, Meredith Averill

Letter from Alison & Kevin

Dear Future Client of Julie Mollo:
We had the great pleasure of working with Julie on finding our dream house in October 2012. Prior to, we had been caught up in a Very “messy” escrow and when we were finally able to get out of our contract, Julie was right there and ready to hit the ground running. At that point, we were in a bit of a bind on our rental and basically had a month and a half to close escrow from our first meeting with Julie or we would have had to sign a new yearlong lease. Julie understood our urgency but was also the first to say that taking our time would prove beneficial in the end. She in no way shape or form wanted to rush us into the wrong home and her overall calm yet enthusiastic attitude kept our perspectives in check and eagerness on track.
lf there were a house that we found online that we wanted to see, Julie would get us in almost always the very same day. She also sent us several emails daily with links to homes that were not even on the market yet. She knew our style, understood our limits and Wanted very badly to get us into the perfect home.
Julie’s relationships with fellow agents in the LA area were the key to us finding our house. The house that We ultimately ended up in was packed with perspective buyers before their first open house even started and in no time had multiple offers on the table! Had ]lie not been so on top of calling the seller’s agent immediately following the agents’ caravan when she knew this was the perfect house for us, we would have never stood a chance. Julie helped us make our offer, wrote a glowing letter of recommendation for us and coached us on next steps. After a bit of negotiation, our offer was accepted and we were beyond thrilled to go into contract.
During escrow, our lender made a clerical error and it nearly cost us everything, as there was an even higher backup offer on the table. Julie not only called and pleaded with the seller’s agent but she also wrote a letter directed to the sellers telling them all about us, our buying potential, our eagerness to make 2507 Creston Drive our first home etc. The sellers had the out, they could have cancelled our deal and gone with the higher backup offer on the table but Julie worked her magic and the sellers stuck with us and we could not be happier. In the end, Julie helped us to close early and ever since then we have remained great friends. Simply put, Julie is not only the exact real estate agent you want representing you – she is also a wonderful friend and an expert on all things real estate.
Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. We are happy to talk more about our wonderful experience Working with Julie.
Very best,
Alison Meyers and Kevin Diamond 626/437-7709 or 310/283 – 4388

Letter from Theresa

To Whom It May Concern:
I decided to move to the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles this past summer. On the recommendation of a Sotheby’s agent in Pasadena where I was moving from, I contacted Julie Mollo to meet me at an open house I was viewing. Julie was instantly likable, personable and exceedingly professional.
I subsequently made a successful offer on the home and closed escrow within forty-fife days. Throughout the entire process Julie was responsive, reliable and always represented me with utmost integrity. It was a fairly conventional and easy sale and escrow. The few bumps in the road were quickly solved due to her resourcefulness.
Later in the summer, when my daughter and her fiancé were having trouble with a home they had entered escrow on, I wished that Julie could have been representing them, but they were already committed. After months of unsuccessfully trying to close the deal, they had to walk away and find another home quickly. They immediately contacted Julie.
With Julie representing them, they saw many homes that usually lasted only hours on the market. Finally, they found the perfect home, but unfortunately, it had multiple offers. Through her excellent relationships with other agents, she was able to get the home for them – under asking price and despite a very high demand for this property.
I have purchased and sold many homes through the years, and I have never been as happy with anyone as I was with Julie. And even more importantly, she was able to take first-time buyers under her wing, protect their interests and make it a truly positive experience for them.
I wholeheartedly recommend Julie to anyone who may be purchasing a new home.
Sincerel y,
Theresa DiLeo Meyers

Letter from Caneel & Erick

Dear Julie,
Now that we’ve finally settled in a bit, we wanted to write and say a huge thank you for all of your work to help us find our home. Your patiences, persistence and kindness made all the difference. We know we were a tough client with our various needs, but having your support and insight to the very end was so invaluable. Thank you for going above and beyond in every dimension. We hope we’ll stay in touch.

Caneel + Erick

Letter from Ben

We met with many dozens of other realtors, but our decision to work with Julie was very easy. Her charm and professionalism made her stand well apart from anyone else we’d encountered, and she immediately understood our tastes and needs. We were new to the buying property, and Julie made the process clear and straightforward. Her negotiating skills helped us get our house for significantly less than we expected to pay.