Letter from Theresa

To Whom It May Concern:
I decided to move to the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles this past summer. On the recommendation of a Sotheby’s agent in Pasadena where I was moving from, I contacted Julie Mollo to meet me at an open house I was viewing. Julie was instantly likable, personable and exceedingly professional.
I subsequently made a successful offer on the home and closed escrow within forty-fife days. Throughout the entire process Julie was responsive, reliable and always represented me with utmost integrity. It was a fairly conventional and easy sale and escrow. The few bumps in the road were quickly solved due to her resourcefulness.
Later in the summer, when my daughter and her fiancé were having trouble with a home they had entered escrow on, I wished that Julie could have been representing them, but they were already committed. After months of unsuccessfully trying to close the deal, they had to walk away and find another home quickly. They immediately contacted Julie.
With Julie representing them, they saw many homes that usually lasted only hours on the market. Finally, they found the perfect home, but unfortunately, it had multiple offers. Through her excellent relationships with other agents, she was able to get the home for them – under asking price and despite a very high demand for this property.
I have purchased and sold many homes through the years, and I have never been as happy with anyone as I was with Julie. And even more importantly, she was able to take first-time buyers under her wing, protect their interests and make it a truly positive experience for them.
I wholeheartedly recommend Julie to anyone who may be purchasing a new home.
Sincerel y,
Theresa DiLeo Meyers

Letter from Caneel & Erick

Dear Julie,
Now that we’ve finally settled in a bit, we wanted to write and say a huge thank you for all of your work to help us find our home. Your patiences, persistence and kindness made all the difference. We know we were a tough client with our various needs, but having your support and insight to the very end was so invaluable. Thank you for going above and beyond in every dimension. We hope we’ll stay in touch.

Caneel + Erick

Letter from Ben

We met with many dozens of other realtors, but our decision to work with Julie was very easy. Her charm and professionalism made her stand well apart from anyone else we’d encountered, and she immediately understood our tastes and needs. We were new to the buying property, and Julie made the process clear and straightforward. Her negotiating skills helped us get our house for significantly less than we expected to pay.